Does Game Of Thrones Have Your Style?

Whether your secret childhood wish is to be Batman for a day, Wonder Woman or some other comic or fantasy character (even a Kardashian), men and women both idolize as much as fantasize a whole host of fantastic wishes. This is undoubtedly true with the rabid fanbase of HBO’s Game of Thrones. And at the… Read more »

Let Them Have Shower Caps: Aquaman’s Main Lady’s Style

One of the most anticipated movies of the holiday season, Aquaman, stars Jason Momoa and Amber Heard. Adding to the buzz of this new comic offering at the movie’s various premieres this month, Heard has taken to wearing some wild haute couture across red (and even blue) carpets. In London just this week, she wore… Read more »

Turkey Hats: Fashion Question NOT Statement

Writing a blog for a northern New Jersey hair replacement salon, we cover lots of ground; seeking the truth about new treatments and hair restoration techniques; delving deep into rumors, the latest trends, and research of what is legitimate or applicable in what circumstance. We certainly give forth on what Guci Image is developing or… Read more »

Here Comes The Snow, Here Comes Worry: Hair Care In The Colder Months

Enjoying(?) our first accumulated snowfall in Northern New Jersey, the time seems to be here for gloves, heavy coats, boots, and hats. Even if we enjoy some soon predicted warming-up of the weather, and don’t see any more flakes for a while, when any Guci Image client experiences their first real snowfall of the year… Read more »

DHSA Comes To Guci Image

On the forefront of hair restoration technology, hair replacement techniques, and scientific hair analysis, Guci Image consistently presents the latest options to our customers in the Northern New Jersey area. From laser light applications to platelet-rich plasma therapy to micro-grafting, clients come to us for a wide range of hair loss and thinning options.Our latest… Read more »

A Momentary Lapse Of Hair Reason

Did you make it past Halloween 2018 unscathed? With too many costumes to choose from (for you and the kids), various “Trunk & Treats,” parades and parties to attend and deciding what candy to hand out (and eat) Oct. 31st can present a plethora of obstacles. It’s also a ton of fun. It seems Justin… Read more »

Do You Suffer From R.H.S?

By recent internet reports it seems that lately lots of famous ladies, and men, are suffering from R.H. S.  ‘Restless hair syndrome,’ is the seeming need to suddenly change hair color and celebrities like Lucy Liu, sporting brand new blonde locks over her usual brown, Rose Byrne ‘going’ platinum and even Eminem showing off gold… Read more »

Feel As Confident As Katy Perry

The headline to a trending People magazine piece this week is “Katy Perry Feels Like a ‘Strong, Powerful Woman’ with Her Short Hair, Says Longtime Stylist.” In the online report, writer Deirdre Durkan tells of Perry’s longtime colorist Rick Henry noticing a true change in the already confident singer when she cut and colored her… Read more »

Diet, Hats, Shampoos…The True Facts of Hair Loss

Our hair replacement clients in Bergen County, N.J. (where our Guci Image offices are located) as much as men and women anywhere else, look to a host of reasons why their hair might be thinning. For some it takes time to come to the realization, for others it seems a fait accompli, but for many,… Read more »