Cuts Get Even More Confusing With New York Fashion Week

Cuts Get Even More Confusing With New York Fashion Week

Just because all that fashion, hair and make-up gets trotted out over the course of a couple of weeks, in basically just a few places, and garners lots of attention, doesn’t make sifting through the trends at New York Fashion Week easy. Spread under tents in Lincoln Center in New York City and other famous landmarks that host the runways, we feel the show’s ripples being close to all the action here across the river in northern New Jersey. But all the color, ballyhoo and celebrity sightings makes things more confusing for 2015 trends…and nowhere more so than when we come to a discussion of what hair styles may or may not be ‘in’ for the coming year.

When a venerable institution like weighed in with their end-of-year prediction that the bob/short cut would be the style for women in 2015, lots of ladies took to the scissors; they used as proof Elizabeth Olsen cutting her famous locks in December. But if one goes by what was seen on models during runway appearances at the New York Fashion Week it seems women might be rethinking such a severe cut and growing their hair out.

What’s a stylish lady to believe?

What we believe here at Guci Image is…go with what you like and we will help you achieve it. Surely when you wear hair, whether extensions, a wig or a CTR unit men or women both have to consider well a new cut or change. But Guci is with you every step of the way if you are trying to follow a trend-something decidedly hard to do, if the above is any indication-or riding your own.

Trending or not, truly in the end the only person you have to be fashionable to, is you. 

Contact Guci Image’s Paramus N.J. office today if you have yet to see us about your hair replacement needs.

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