The Fine Line Between Hair Growth & Scalp Health

The Fine Line Between Hair Growth & Scalp Health

This new article explores how coconut oil can enrich hair health as well as prompt hair growth. And while most everyone, from scientific researchers to dermatologists to the part-time shampoo person at a local salon would champion any well researched topical, they all know (as do you) there is a fine line between something aiding in overall scalp health and if that something could actually prompt hair growth.

At our north NJ salon we have done plenty of research on formulas for hair growth (see here for example). And more is being investigated all the time about pills, topicals, shampoos etc. that as much increase scalp health, as might prevent further hair loss as could prompt more. As we report consistently in this blog, there is new research surfacing almost daily on enzymes, heretofore unknown biological triggers and so many other aspects of human DNA concerning how and why hair grows…and doesn’t.

But as much as one needs be careful of what one ingests or applies (as much as what hair replacement salon one goes to), we can’t ignore the fact that there is a difference between claims of hair growth and scalp health. Yes, it would be wonderful if there was a magic pill to cure and aid both, but there isn’t…yet.

(And truthfully, although it is human nature to want to believe in the ‘one-pill solution’ theory, when it comes to our health, it is usually the combination of smart protocols that lead to the best results).

At our New Jersey salon we work in the hair restoration business via the application of hair units, wigs, extensions and hair replacement from safe, proven and minimally invasive transplants. Who knows what the future holds, but for now, Guci Image is in the business of restoring our client’s hair in the sure ways we have built our business and reputation on.

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