Checking In With The Celebrity Hair Transformations: Ariel Winter, Shania Twain, Kaley Cuoco & Nicole Kidman

Checking In With The Celebrity Hair Transformations: Ariel Winter, Shania Twain, Kaley Cuoco & Nicole Kidman

We know that keeping up with your Guci Image hair care appointments is hard enough. But, in the crazy, constantly crushed world we live in and especially in the Northern NJ area where our hair restoration salon is located, life is a swirl of comings and goings and rushing-to-be-there rendezvous. So, from time to time, we invite you to take a step back, catch your breath and enjoy some of what our celebrities are getting up to…when it comes to their hair.

 Why not? These are the people we read and see almost every day across our newsfeeds or on T.V. It’s nice to realize that they have hair concerns and are often defined by the color and cut they show the world.

This week was incredibly juicy for celebrity hair transformations.

Announcing a return to what has now become a ubiquitous musician’s outing (especially for more ‘mature’ musicians), Shania Twain will once again perform in her “Let’s Go” Las Vegas residency. The 55-year-old country-by-way-of Canada singer also showed off her new blonde locks. As even a casual Twain fan will know, the lady long sported brunette tresses.

Until now.

Posting an announcement on Instagram Stories for a new Harley Quinn comic, Kaley Cuoco showed off her new haircut of wispy bangs and high bun. When her sitcom “The Big Bang Theory” was in its initial run, Cuoco’s character “Penny” underwent a short hair makeover that had fans apoplectic.

She’s still making news with her haircuts.

Changing cut as well as color, Nicole Kidman posted a picture on Instagram from her latest project called “Roar.” In the shot, Kidman sports brighter-than-usual red-colored hair cut into a short pixie.

And, lastly, once again, Ariel Winter managed another change to her color. Blonde, brunette now back again to red, Winter posted a picture from her vacation of her vibrant fiery locks this week.

So, if you think your life (or hair) isn’t enjoying enough excitement, or maybe too much of it, revel in the changes our best and brightest are going through…and all the news they earn because of it.

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