Blue Ivy Hair ‘Dissing’

Falling well into the category of some-people-just-have-too-much-time-on-their-hands it seems someone started an online petition this past mocking Beyoncé and Jay Z’s daughter’s hair. A picture of Blue Ivy was released from the couple last weekend showing their two year old sporting tight curls…and that very adorable face she has. But  Jasime Toliver from Brooklyn took Blue’s tight curly mop as a sign that the superstar couple are not attending to their daughter’s hair care needs. On the website Toliver created a petition titled: Comb Her Hair (see here:

Toliver claims that “As a woman who understands the importance of hair care. It’s disturbing to watch a child suffering from lack of hair moisture.” And that Blue Ivy’s parents have failed at “Numerous attempts of doing Blue Ivy’s hair.” But words like “suffering” are subjective at best and who is to say what hair style little Blue Ivy should sport or if indeed her tight curls are a result of neglect on the part of Beyoncé and Jay Z’s.i

At Guci Image we of course champion good hair care, scalp rejuvenation (see our White Diamond repair or Low Laser Light treatments especially) and consistent scheduling of your services. But we reply on our stylists and you to determine what’s best, no one here needs self-appointed ‘hair police’ or a petition filed to know what’s best for your hair.

In this age of the Internet we do have lots of access to a world full of opinions we might agree with or just laugh off. What we try to do here from our Paramus office is not get ahead of ourselves with what we do for your head, try to take all your thoughts about what you want and approach the idea of wearing or repair your hair and/or scalp in a methodology that works. A low and steady good honest consideration of what you need for your hair thinning or scalp care is what we offer and what we hope you’ll take to heart and avail yourself of when you come to Guci Image.



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