Let Rosie O’Donnell Help You Consider Your Hair’s Natural Aging

We tend to think the hair we come to wear need be exactly the way we always have worn it. Change can be scary to those of us wearing Allure Hair Extensions or Guci CTR units. A new cut or color is sure to bring attention to that which we always hope looks great but that which we certainly do not want anyone paying undue attention! But new trends, even just the onset of older age could make us want to see some changes, big or small, to the Guci hair we wear.
Just this week the net was buzzing with pictures and reports of Rosie O’Donnell out at the revival of “Oklahoma!” in New York City. On the heels of a ‘going grey’ debate, she had at the beginning of the year with her kids (and made public across social media) the pictures of Rosie from her recent theatre outing show her sporting her now salt-and-pepper locks in a pixie cut. For Rosie the grey debate was a matter of her kids wondering if she looked too old in her grey, her shorter cut seems like something brand new.
Your reasons for change can be just as personal…or even debated amongst family members. Indeed your Guci Image technician is well-versed in the possibilities open to you and can suggest how to best tackle the question of naturally aging your hair with cut or color. But only you can determine the when, where and how of the changes you come to make.
No matter what age you happen to be.
Let’s face it, you first stepped into or are coming into the Guci Image offices in Paramus to maintain a youthful or return to a youthful appearance. We all know what thinning hair looks like and the onset of age it indicates. The graceful approach of aging, with hair, is something we all want, Rosie O’Donnell as well as you.