How to prevent balding?

There is one major problem faced by several people across the world which is none other than hair loss in women which is close to 100 hair strands almost. Actually, there is nothing to worry about hair follicles from scalp to which there are many reasons that include lack of minerals, stress, genetics, medication, pollution and diet.

Tips on how to prevent balding

Usage of Mild Shampoo:

To prevent hair loss, it is suggested that you keep the hair and scalp clean all the time. When you wash the hair daily, it reduces the amount infection or dandruff on the scalp which can ultimately causes hair loss in women. It also gives the illusion of increased volume.

Onion, Ginger or Garlic Juice:

Use any of onion, ginger or garlic juice on the scalp. Leave this for the entire night and to be washed off in the morning. If you follow this for a week, you can see positive results related to the hair loss issue.

Increase Vitamin Intake:

Vitamins are effective not only for the entire body but also for hair. Vitamin A can help produce sebum present in the scalp. Vitamin E improves blood circulation in scalp to see that hair follicles help in hair production and also to retain its color and increase Vitamin B.

Use Essential Oils to Massage:

All those who are suffering from past hair loss can use essential oils in order to massage the scalp for few minutes. These essential oils, such as sesame or almond oil with lavender will make sure that the hair follicles remain active for a long time.

Green Tea:

When you rub green tea on the scalp, it is necessary to use only two bags of green tea in a cup of water. Boil it after it has cooled down. Wait for an hour and wash it off. You can do this regularly for about a week or more based on the need.

Stay away From Alcohol:

Avoid alcohol as it has a negative effect on hair growth.

Stay fit:

Take up a physical activity on a daily basis that can include walking or swimming for half an hour every day. This can help maintain hormones at equal balance at the same time and is also said to lessen hair loss.

Visit Doctor:

One of the causes of hair loss in women can be attributed to changes in hormones which are possibly result of various health issues that is skin related issues.

Constant heating & drying is a No-No:

Do not apply excessive heating and drying techniques as this process can lessen hair proteins which can weaken hair.

Look Out For Medicines:

Some medicines are known to have a side effect on the body which can ultimately result in hair loss. Consult a doctor if this is so.

Alter hair style:

Loosing too much hair might probably be an indication towards change in hair style since some of them like braids, ponytails will only mean pulling at hair follicles which will ultimately result in baldness.

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