Frédéric Fekkai’s Hair Trend Predictions for 2020: Should You Care?

Frédéric Fekkai’s Hair Trend Predictions for 2020: Should You Care?

From handmade hair accessories to chunky streaks of color to what he calls the ‘jagged edge’ bob famous French hairstylist Frédéric Fekkai’s weighed in with Refinery29 with his 2020 hair trend predictions. Having worked on Demi Moore, Naomi Campbell, and many other celebrities, Fekkai might just be the man who knows what’s coming.

What are Guci Image’s predictions for 2020?

Regardless of trends, severe bob cuts, or wild colors, we will continue to deliver the very best in wearing hair care to the northern NJ corridor. For men and women with thinning hair who wish to retain their confidence, youthful looks, and, most importantly, a full head of healthy hair, Guci Image predicts a future of delivering the best options in hair replacement.

As we always have.

Unlike the ubiquitous trip to Vegas, what happens in our Paramus hair replacement salon does not just stay at Guci. Men wearing our CTR units, women sporting our extensions, any one of our clients out and about, need to know they are cared for a covered expertly. During the busy times of your lives, on vacations, during holidays and for special occasions, your hair needs to look great all the time. And despite his evident knowledge and skill, Fekkai’s predictions count for nothing if Guci Image can’t predict the very best in undetectable hair replacement.

Thanksgiving nearly upon us, the rush of so many winter holidays coming after, then the New Year looming, it’s easy for us all to get stuck not only in a holiday rut but also worrying about 2020. But what we want you to realize is that Guci Image will keep your hair looking healthy well into the future.

Of course, you need to keep up on your appointments, and if not a client yet, you need to sign up and become one to predict confident hair times ahead.

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