Low Level Laser Hair Therapy For Both Men and Women

Low Level Laser Hair Therapy For Both Men and Women

Seeking out each gender as it does, hair loss is a problem we tackle here at Guci Image for both men and women. As you will find perusing our site, consulting with us, we have plenty of services for restoring confidence by seemingly restoring your own hair and for perpetuating new hair growth. As just as thinning hair cane be the bane of both men and women, so can our Low Level Laser Hair Therapy becomes the solution for both sexes.

The conversion of testosterone (which both males and female posses) onto dihydrotestosterone (DHT for short) is the primary cause of hair loss. DHT clogs the hair roots, preventing blood supply to reach the root and when not enough oxygen gets through via the blood supply (how it normally does get through) the hair root dies….and falls out of the scalp. This happens in both sexes. The Low Level Laser Hair Therapy practiced (and perfected) by Guci Image stimulates the scalp and its cells, safely penetrating deeply into scalp tissue, ‘sparking’ blood circulation and breaking down the collection of DHT.

Unfortunately once a hair root is dead it cannot be brought back to life. This is why if you-man or woman-are thinking about beginning a regiment of LLLT you need start it now.

Of course we recognize the distinction between not just each gender’s approach to hair loss but each individuals. The complicated tapestry of our motivations and feelings are as much set by one’s personal mindset as by how society comes to view men who lose their hair as opposed to women. But one thing is certainly true for both sexes, hair loss is a concern for a great section of the population, it knows no prejudice for either sex and Low Level Laser Hair Therapy can help both men and women battle hair thinning.

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