Should You Wear Glass?

Should You Wear Glass?

glass hair (2)Whether you come to Guci Image for the best female hair replacement in North Jersey or other restorative or healthy hair treatment, you are most likely keeping track of styling trends. And even though our hair technicians work hard to give you the style that is not only current but that works best with the hair you are wearing, there is no ignoring those trends we see all around us, that are ever so influential. The question is though, if you indeed a style, new, trending or classic, will work for you.

The predominant summer 2018 hair style as reported from Hollywood and trending the most across Instagram especially seems to be ‘glass hair.’

Glass hair is nothing much more than a sharp short cut styled as smooth and polished as possible. The effect here is to have the hair look like glass. It seems, as all things these days do, to have begun in the kingdom of Kardashian, when Kim Kardashian went with a blunt-cut. Then Khloe Kardashian followed with her own cropped style. From there Instagram, and pretty much everywhere else, was attacked by the glass hair look.

To be sure, the enemy of glass hair and something that reveals how difficult it is to maintain (especially during muggy summer weather) is humidity. Ironically this is good news though, for the products need to be used to maintain glass hair is stuff common folk can acquire and afford. Anti-frizz serums, coating sprays, a good round brush, and keeping the cut short, all will give you that glass hair shine and style.

But again, the question for women who come to Guci Image, as much as for men or anyone wearing hair or not is, will a particular style, a new trend, or even classic do, work for you.

Please consult the one person who sees you from every angle and is trying to create a haircut that shows you off at your best: the person who cuts and styles your hair.

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