2024, The Year Of The Scalp?

2024, The Year Of The Scalp?

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It’s pretty interesting what you can learn about a year just gone by when you are just into the first month of a new one. According to this Allure article, we saw many hair trends in 2023, that will surely influence 2024 fashions and styles, one of the most significant being how important scalp health has become. It seems more targeted treatments will be coming in this new year with products created that address specific scalp concerns. And although we always caution about the ever-changing trend of things ever trending, scalp health is something we have championed since the beginning of Guci Image.

Exfoliating sprays for the scalp, suggestions on dry shampoo use and rising concerns over scalp therapy is surely something we’d are all mentioned in the article above. But we know wearing hair is not always optimal for certain scalp and hair care protocols, and this is why we have worked hard to use materials in our Guci Image products that keep our clients’ scalps as healthy as possible.

As it is said to be next to godliness, in the article above, cleanliness is cited as a primary factor in keeping one’s scalp healthy. And we’d agree. This is why your proactive shampoo and conditioning regiment, as well as keeping to regular Guci Image services are all important parts of the equation to keep the hair you wear looking it’s best, as it will keep your scalp healthy.

Stay tuned here for more trends that will no doubt explode during the ensuing months…and take to them, or not, as you see fit. As always we will be with you to explore what you see, learn and might want to apply. But always know, Guci Image will always be on the side of making sure your scalp is as healthy as it can be.

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