The Summer of 2020 Hair Care

The Summer of 2020 Hair Care

It’s summer again round our Paramus, N.J. way, as it is all across the country. But where our Guci Image hair replacement salon is located, we do ‘enjoy’ some particularly hot New Jersey weather across July and August; ‘muggy’ would be the best word to use. And every year at this time we give forth a little extra caution to what hair wearers (or anybody really) might encounter in the summer. Even this most unusual summer of 2020.

First and foremost, now that the Guci Image salon is open, we urge you to get back to a somewhat ‘normal’ service routine. Yes, those necessary COVID-19 protocols slow up our usual processes to some degree, but we’ll work with you best we can to get you back on schedule, so your hair is attended to as it should be.

Secondly, given the past few months, we are all a bit rabid for outside fun. This particular, unusual summer of 2020 we are all dying to get out in the sun, a pool, the ocean (still, adhering to social distancing, please!). Remember, chlorine, saltwater, and sun can wreak havoc on a CTR unit or extensions…as they always have. Regular hair washing and conditioning is tantamount to keeping the hair you wear in good repair…everywhere.

Lastly, and as we have been urging you throughout the self-quarantine, be cautious with your ‘self-cuts,’ trims, or at-home coloring. Sure, we know it was a long time between when we saw you last and seeing you now. But as little as you can manage to ‘do’ to your hair at home between coming into Guci Image is still a very good idea.

This might very well be the most unique summer we have all ever faced. All of us at Guci Image wishes you all the best of health, and to continue to treat your hair right.

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