Lots of Hair News

Lots of Hair News

So, did everybody get through Halloween ok? Kids dropping a ton of candy on the dining room table? Had enough pumpkin spiced donuts? Easing the air out of the lawn inflatables and taking down pumpkin-colored lights? Well, now we can all gear up (and get the hair we wear surely attended to at Guci Image for the holidays coming) for Thanksgiving. But this week saw lots of hair news—some significant, some silly—which we always like to share with our New Jersey-based hair wear clients…and the world.

In the UK this week, Pfizer Inc’s new hair loss drug Litfulo, created to treat hair loss from autoimmune disease was approved for use. People, over twelve suffering from severe alopecia areata, will soon be able to use Litfulo in Britian. The drug has already been approved in the EU and U.S.

In other hair drugs news, and happening here in the US…there seems to be a reported shortage of Minoxidil. This chemical, as much the main ingredient in Rogaine as it can be taken orally to treat hair loss, was reported in short supply in orders from DC and Maryland area pharmacists. Researchers for the Food and Drug Administration fear this could speak to a future shortage of the drug nationwide.

Ex Dance Mom personality, Joelle Joanie “JoJo” Siwa made a specific ‘hair’ announcement on her new JoJo Siwa Now, podcast about her most famous hair accessory, her signature bow. “I am now 20 years old. I have not stuck a hair bow in my hair for two years now. Nothing against the hair bow, I just haven’t worn it.”
Yes, this is big world-shaking news, we know.

Lastly, we have this fun story from Italy….that has nothing to do with human hair. It seems that Chiengora is enjoying a resurgence of consideration. A resource that has been seriously researched by quite a few companies for the past few years, with Italy’s Chiengora Project even appearing on the German version of “Shark Tank,” recently, the art of turning dog hair into a sustainable textile is enjoying another go-round for real commercial use.

Not all we report on here is about the hair restoration and hair replacement we do at our New Jersey-based salon. There is hair news coming at us all the time from around the globe, as you see, and as we will always try to keep you abreast of it.

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