Hair Loss In Men and Women: Low Level Laser Hair Therapy

Hair Loss In Men and Women: Low Level Laser Hair Therapy

It is true that for men, going bald is not as traumatic as it is (it is certainly more socially acceptable) for women. But for plenty of guys and gals both, seeing hair loss consistently, dealing with a thinning crown, incorporating scarves and hats, dealing with cutting one’s social life in half even, is an everyday reality. And while a good percentage of what we do at Guci Image is indeed gender specific for the many men and women in the north New Jersey/New York city area that come to see us, our Low Level Laser Hair Therapy addresses balding/thinning for each gender equally.

For women:

For Men:

Whether in men or women LLL’s addresses the problem of DHT build up (go here to learn how DHT causes balding) by going to the ‘root’ of the matter, with safe low laser light being absorbed into the scalp, stimulating blood flow and promoting skin and repair.   

As with everything else we do here at Guci, this is not alchemy. Low Laser light Hair Treatment is a scientifically developed and tested, clinically proven application for stimulating the scalp. In clinical studies the service has stopped hair loss in 85% of patients and promoted new hair growth in 60%. It is FDA safe, uses therapeutic low light lasers and one of those Guci Image services that knows no gender bias.

But whether you are a man or woman balding this is a ‘sign-up-for-it-now’ kind of a service. You might be able to argue with yourself over the span of months, or even a year about being fitted for a CTR unit, or finally coming in to our Paramus offices for extensions, but the sooner you start Low Level laser light Treatments the quicker you can save the hair you have and stimulate more growth.

Man or woman.

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