Latest Hair Growth Technology

Latest Hair Growth Technology

While not the only online portal reporting on hair replacement science, Follicle Thought reveals consistent experimenting about it continuing from the four corners of the globe. It seems scientists and business people (and sometimes the business people are indeed scientists) are currently doing their best to find ways to arrest balding and thinning as find ways to regrow hair.

Recently invented compounds, new ways of screening the effects of hair growth drugs, products featuring all-natural combinations of melatonin and resveratrol, the creation of minoxidil ‘boosters,’ and new topical peptides are being tested all the time. Conversely, the false claims about Biotin’s and other drugs and topicals’ effectiveness are as diligently measured, matched, considered, and made public.

The latest results?

Varying reports from varying sources (not just Follicle Thought) hit the blog-sphere daily. What hair loss customers need to be careful of, though, is that lots of seeming legitimate reporting comes from a third-party source that’s not much more than a paid advertiser for the product they post their seemingly unbiased view about. Certainly some vitamins will bolster one’s general health, and release nutrients helpful to human hair and skin. And some topical solutions have been known to slow hair thinning. But there are plenty more shampoos, pills, and ointments that aren’t very effective, and some that can prove harmful.

Even specific procedures said to stimulate hair growth must be taken on a case-by-case basis. We were not ready to advertise or offer our Laser Light Technology until it had been fully developed under rigorous scientific testing, and we could claim precisely what it could do. 

What we all hope for doesn’t yet exist, though; a magic pill, a magic salve, a one-time visit to a doctor who can administer a shot that will regrow the hair we have lost.

Rest assured, science will keep trying, as it always has.

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