Traveling To Mars On The Weeknd

Traveling To Mars On The Weeknd

And here are Guci Image we always think it’s about the hair…on one’s head. But it seems this week. Bruno Mars, 33, posted a photo of himself with a mustache, influenced he claims, by the ‘stache’ singer, The Weeknd, debuted his facial hair at the premiere of Uncut Gems this week. Is imitation indeed the sincerest form of flattery when it comes to men’s facial hair?

Don’t worry, Mars and The Weeknd will work out their hirsute concerns, to be sure.

Providing you with a unique style, cut and color of the hair your wear is something we are very aware of at Guci Image. Unlike famous young singers, the men and women who come to us aren’t looking to emulate anyone really, just hoping to get the very best with their hair extensions and CTR units. As we have mentioned here time and again, yes, it is hard not to be influenced by the styles we see around us daily, especially those our celebrities wear. But first and foremost, our customers are not coming to Guci hoping to look like anybody else, just a version of themselves…with hair!

Maybe we simply all have too much access to one another’s everyday changes, styles, and quirks via social media posting and chatting. But really, all Guci Image ever wants for our clients is to add to their confidence and good feelings over the hair they wear. No matter who is looking at you, we want you to know, we work hard to make you look your best.

And on a side note on the Mars/Weend story, the blog o’ sphere was ripe over what they were calling a ‘new look’ for The Weeknd, as at that movie premiere he also seems to be letting his signature close-cut hair grow out. So you see, even when there might be a tickle of attention about a stache as we are at our northern New Jersey hair replacement salon, people are always concerned about hair.

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