Rihanna Changes…How About You?

Rihanna Changes…How About You?

According to this new postsinger lingerie-design mogul Rihanna is not only considering having another baby but has removed her extensions and is presently sporting an extended bob cut. Indeed, when it comes to celebrities. this change might not last longer than it takes the world to tweet about it. But the length of this hairstyle is something we have yet to see on Riri. And although she is keeping the color she has been sporting of late, her blunt and bouncy cut is undoubtedly a change.

Do you think about changing the hair you wear?

Consider these facts: The New Year is a week away. Styles and trends change at the pace of our blog news cycle. And humans need to switch things up quite often. Especially, anybody who has worn a certain hair style or cut for a long time. Given this, it’s not unusual for anyone, hair wearers or not, to want to enjoy a change.

It’s a safe assumption that the ‘change’ did not happen overnight when you went from your initial consultation in our Paramus salon to the first time you began wearing hair. Men come to add some grey into their CTR units or even a natural thinning over the years, and women surely change up style, cut and color to our Lace Wigs or their extensions. But for a Guci Image hair customer—for anyone wearing hair—and as we have championed too many times in this blog, there need be some extra consideration when wanting some change to a style, cut, or color.

Yes, change is inevitable, in all aspects of life. But when wearing hair, Guci Image errs on the side of some critical considerations: providing our clients with hair that is natural looking, fits their lifestyle, and surely evolves with them. Having access to a stylist anytime she walks out of the house, the facility to change her hair whenever the mood takes her and indeed the public expecting a diva to change her look regularly, makes Rihanna’s hair changes surely different than yours.

Your hair changes should be well considered.

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