Kylie Jenner Makes Us Wonder What’s Going On Under The Hair We Wear

Kylie Jenner

In an Instagram post this week, Kylie Jenner revealed something more startling than a new cut or color; she showed her ever-faithful fans and friends her natural hair. Sporting none of her usual extensions, we all got a perfect picture of Kylie’s true, chin-length straight cut while she went to have her roots colored. This isn’t the first time Kyle has revealed herself sans extension, but fans weighed in over the seeming way her hair seemed damaged (not a surprise considering all she does to her do). Should Guci Image customers worry as well? What’s happening to the health of your remaining hair (or your scalp) when you wear hair?
As you know, we have always worked hard to provide our NJ hair replacement customers with the very best hair replacement product. But we are also careful and ever attendant to the surface (existing hair, scalp, extensions) we attached and fit our hair to. We make sure there is no undue weight or any other type of constriction, or any unnecessary chemicals used in our services. The idea here is to keep as many CTR units and Guci Image hair extensions looking as real and healthy as possible and, at the same time seeing to the health of the men and women who come to see us for regular service.
A Guci Image customer comes to wear their hair replacement for quite a long time, having it removed, cleaned, and sometimes colored and cut. During the same visit, almost always, the surface of our client’s scalp or remaining hair is cleaned and readied regularly for a new application. We take this full process very seriously and with the utmost care.
Like Kylie, Ariana Grande is another celebrity known for her hair ‘add-on.’ But as the singer freely admits, her signature high glossy ponytail has added to quite some real hair damage. Again, at Guci Image, we do not abide by this damage and work to avoid it.
You just might be better off than Ariana and Kylie. Now, who would have thought this?