Jada Pinkett Smith’s Hair Battle

Jada Pinkett Smith’s Hair Battle

Actress Jada Pinkett Smith has taken to Instagram to fully reveal her baldness and its cause to all who care to read and listen. The lady has suffered for years from Alopecia, has addressed it on and off for a while now, and went online just recently posting a video to show off her scalp and talk about her condition as honestly as she can.

This is undoubtedly a brave move for someone in the public eye, but something Will Smith’s wife felt she could not avoid addressing any longer.

Alopecia is just one of the many causes of hair loss. And while we do explore, research, and publicize many of these causes, as any reputable hair restoration salon must, at Guci Image, we are in business to address the results of hair loss and offer solutions for people wanting to show the world that they still sport thick, luscious locks.

For men and women both, balding and thinning hair can become the center of their world. Work, family relationships, one’s self-image all can be significantly affected when alopecia, hair loss from cancer treatments, or just genetic hair thinning effects one. In some cases, hair loss and thinning will stop over time, and new hair will regrow naturally (a good example of this being men and women who undergo cancer treatments). Still, we all know the onset of hair thinning and balding is permanent in other cases.

Whether one is making a resolution for this New Year or simply not wanting to live with your hair loss any longer, coming into our Paramus hair restoration/hair replacement salon is the first step for addressing what you have been all too aware of and have wanted so long to do something about.

One doesn’t need to be a Hollywood celebrity to make a positive change in their hair, and most importantly, how they feel about it.

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