Hair Restoration Technology

Hair Restoration Technology

 As reported this week in the UK’s Guardian newspaper ( in South Korea a woman had her hair sucked up by a robot vacuum cleaner while she slept on her floor. Police had to actually come and extricate her! This story sounds like the plot for some viral comedy short or even a sci-fi classic about the dangers of the future, but it was too true for a 52 year-old lady living in Changwon. And though most of us are not getting so close to machines like this, it is a cautionary tale when we all consider what technology allows us, as well as threatens with, its speedy growth.

At Guci Image it is our job to as much attend to the service you come to us for as it is to be ever on the look-out for the latest hair replacement/restoration/scalp health advancements, and to research technologies that may aid or work and in the end benefit our clients. We proceed with a behind-the-scenes caution that is forever checked and tried simply because we know how powerful-good and bad-new methods, topical solutions and procedures can be. In a word, technology is indeed useful in our business but it must be ever so gingerly considered in each and every instance.

Our painstaking trial-and-error research saw us come by the Cold Fusion method we use for securing our extensions, a method unique to our industry and patented by Guci Image. Through scientific study and years of application we developed the ultra thin layer of our CTR units, as well as our unique White Diamond hair repair. Even our shampoos, conditioners and other products are time tested and see constant updates.

At our Paramus, New Jersey saloon we work our business where in technology and hair restoration go hand in hand. But along the way we are constantly measuring, testing and try try trying again processes and new inventions until we perfect each service or new product to an absolute safe and effective degree.

For you.

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