What Beyoncé Showed Off This Week

What Beyoncé Showed Off This Week

Lots is made of whatever Beyoncé does. From her last big concert special “Homecoming” on Netflix to her everyday appearances, the world is poised and ready for whatever Miss Bey says, does or wears. It’s no surprise then that the Twitterverse was alive when Beyoncé stepped out to see the new live-action version of The Lion King (she voices “Nala” in the movie). When the diva showed up with tight, super-thin braids in side-parted cornrows, this Josephine Baker-look made quite the news. These “finger-wave braids,” managed by stylist-to-the-stars, Kim Kimble, might be the cool look for summer or an eye-catching do. In the Guci-verse, though we need to be very careful showing the scalp of our customers wearing hair.

For our CTR units, the very best non-surgical medical grade’ skin,’ thinner than a contact lens, holds the hair shafts. This base of the unit is resilient for endure repeating washings and brushing of the hair. No matter the percentage of hair a man asks for, even when his scalp is supposedly showing, we make sure what you come to wear from Guci Image is as undetectable as possible. The hair you wear needs to as much be about the hair as the base that supports it.

A good hair replacement salon needs to be ever vigilant in all aspects of their service as well as the product they fit their clients with. Guci Image has survived in the highly competitive hair salon environs of northern NJ for as many years as we have, because time and again we offer a wide range of exemplary services and the very best hair replacement solutions for a wide range of clients.

This latest hairstyle of Beyoncé might have garnered some notice. But we know how very careful you are about revealing too much of your scalp (or any of it at all actually).

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