Making Merry While Wearing Hair: Happy Holidays From Guci Image

Making Merry While Wearing Hair: Happy Holidays From Guci Image

Fully deep in the holidazes now, as we consider our ‘interesting’ Christmas sweaters, dress-up clothes we take out only once a year for Hanukkah get togethers, the finery and frocks we wear for Kwanzaa, one need consider the ways we will wear our hair. The usual do usually does in most instances, but there is a tendency to let loose with some interesting style or at least to have our hair finely set, cut, colored etc. for the days ahead. For those who ‘wear hair’, getting-in for a service, adding color, taking to a quick cut is part of how we prepare for the busy weeks a’coming this time of year.

Not that we need worry about our CTR unit or Lace Wig when Guci Image is behind our service. Yes, we might be out and about, in colder wetter weather etc. but if you have kept up with your service, keep to your usual good care of your hair restoration process or piece, even the extra visiting won’t be much of a challenge. Guci Image services and units are truly made for times like these, when you and your hair will be most visible. Visibility is key to what we do and whether in the glow of holiday candles or the scrutiny of crowds, Guci assures the very best with our patented applications and world-class systems.

This truly might be the time for gift giving, sneaking in to a clandestine showing of Seth Rogan and James Franco’s much talked about “The Interview” or just drinking too much spiced nog. But know, as you always have, that Guci Image is here to make you look great, before, during and well after the holiday into 2015…and beyond.

To those who wear hair, and those that don’t, Guci Image wishes you a very happy holiday.

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