The Hair You Fight For

The Hair You Fight For

According to this USA article, Tennessee weekend T.V. morning weather anchor Tabitha Bartoe has been fired from her job because of her hairstyle. Criticized by her station supervisors at station WATE, Bartoe was brought to a hair appointment and a shopping spree not a few days at her new job. But, not satisfied with her styling after her first hair appointment, when Bartoe couldn’t soften her natural curls further to her boss’ liking, she was fired. 

Although WATE will not admit this, Bartoe maintains this was the reason for her being let go. As expected, Bartoe has gained major support across social media.

Natural hair or not, as a Guci Image customer, you are being just as proactive with your hair. Searching for a hair restoration solution, then actually stepping into our Paramus NJ salon for that solution, you are already steps ahead of the many men and women who are, right now, on the proverbial fence about taking the initiative to restore their confidence and youthful hair appearance.

In the end, like Tabitha Bartoe, only you can affect the change and make your mark with a Lace Wig, Hair extensions, or a CTR unit.

This simple yet essential fact is what so many potential Guci Image hair-wear customers seem to forget. This website, our other advertisements, and indeed the testimonials from Guci Image customers can only go so far in prompting someone into our north N.J. offices. We need people to pluck themselves from their laptops or cell phones, beyond this blog even, and come in to begin their journey with us. And as we tell our possible clients all the time, time is indeed not on your side. The longer one waits, the more drastic difference there will be between the hair they did not have before and the hair we give them.

Proactive? Yes, you bet you need to be.

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