Will Billie Eilish Make You Question Your Hair’s Future?

Will Billie Eilish Make You Question Your Hair’s Future?

As we have reported on plenty in this blog, what’s old is new again when it comes to fashion, music, and, most notably, hairstyles and cuts. Here at Guci Image, we do our best to try to predict new styles, as advise our clients, the men, and women who wear hair, what they might want to try. To be sure, not everything that we see coming by our New Jersey salon again for a second or third time works (some of those styles didn’t work all that well the first time around), but our technicians consider all they are presented with by a client. And when we see what stars like Billie Eilish just showed off this week, one wonders where an old-is-new cut might take us all again.

Attending the LACMA Art + Film Gala this week, Eilish revealed her signature black and green hair, cut into what celebrity stylist Riawna Capri called a “…more fashion-forward version of the mullet.” What the blog o’ sphere later found out was that Eilish’s seemingly old school cut came as a direct result of her having her hair burned off from a recent hair dyeing.

A caution to anyone, from a Guci Image client to anybody else looking to dye their hair; make sure the person working your color knows what they are doing!

Here at Guci Image, we cannot afford to allow for the unintentional, the accidental as much as we can’t a flippant consideration of any haircut; retro, new or maybe the supposed wave of the future. Again and again, we have written about the whims of celebrities who so ardently influence even the most casual of fans. But when you are wearing hair, you must consider your options very carefully and realize, some options are just never going to be for you.

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