Where The Hair Goes None Should Follow

Where The Hair Goes None Should Follow

Search the web and you are sure to find link upon link of customer stories and reviews of their salon experiences. And as is true that bad news travels further than bad, you know most of these stories and reviews will be negative. Luckily, Guci Image consistently rates with exemplary reviews of not just our products but of our hair restoration technicians. But talk to a hair cutter or stylist for any length of time, and you are sure to hear their particular ‘war stories’ of working on rude clients and in less-than-hygienic workspaces (again, not Guci Image’s immaculate Paramus New Jersey salon).

One of the oft-told stories from haircutters, at least something they have personally encountered or have heard related, directly answers a question clients ask all the time; so why do hair technicians, salon stylists, and haircutters in general always seem to wear smocks, aprons or white coats, like doctors?

The short answer is…they are looking to protect themselves.

The everyday haircut customer or even the Guci Image hair wearer could never actually know (and how could they?) how invasive a single strand of hair can be. But as you will hear, plenty of haircutters, stylists, even colorists bemoan the risks that they take when they do not wear a smock or coat when attending to their clients. Plenty of times (and more than the layman could ever imagine), a single strand of hair has pierced the skin of these salon workers without the worker even being aware of it. Single strands of hair can be razor piercing, and salon workers have suffered raised welts, cyclists, and other complications from a strand of hair getting into and under their skin.

When they do not have the protection of a smock or coat.

So next time you wonder, ‘Why is my Guci Image technician wearing that smock?’ you now know the answer!

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