Does Brushing Hair Cause Hair Loss?

Does Brushing Hair Cause Hair Loss?

Brushing your hair regularly is an important part of your daily routine. A well made hair enhances your appearance extensively. In addition, brushing is important for maintaining and rejuvenating your hair and scalp. However, people often ask does brushing hair causes hair loss? Well, excessive brushing can cause hair loss in women. Some women have this tendency to brush their hair several times a day. Hair has a nature to tangle up quickly and brushing them every now and then will cause them to break out. Therefore, it is better to avoid brushing too often in order to save those strands from draining.

An average person loses about 100 hairs per day through the natural shedding process. Anything more than that is considered excessive. While some hairs get stuck to clothing and pillow, most get tangled up in the hair until they are freed, resulting in a small mass of loose hair each time you brush. Several factors contribute hair loss in females including harsh handling like brushing excessively. Your hair are fragile and the most valuable asset. You need to take care of your hair like your skin. Though, there are incalculable hair loss treatments available in the market, but nothing can match up to your natural hair.

Tips to Stop Hair Loss in Females

Never brush wet hair

Your hair is most sensitive and prone to breakage while it’s wet, so brushing right after shower is a straight NO-NO! Brush your hair before you bathe, or use a comb after they are all dried up. Make sure you don’t fidget with the tangles and brush them harshly. Be Gentle! The constant pulling is not good for the hair follicle! It’s important to lightly brush and keep it to a minimum! This will show thicker hair long term!

Select a Right Brush

Choosing the right brush is another essential aspect. Choose wide toothed comb to detangle your hair after shower. This will minimize the breakage and give a firm massage to the scalp. Bristles made from nylon are suited more for detangling hair. Since they are flexible, it makes them easy to slide through the knotted hair and minimize painful pulling of hair.

Avoid Rubbing harshly

You must have heard that brushing rigorously will help in distributing the natural oils from your scalp and make your hair shiny. Or that it helps in stimulating the flow of blood to your scalp and in boosting hair growth. Neither of these is true. On the contrary, too much brushing leads to friction on hair causing breakage and cuticle damage. This makes the hair frizzy and lusterless. Therefore, brush your hair only when required.

100 strokes a day:

Have you heard about 100 strokes a day? Many people believe that brushing hair more than 100 times will help them to grow long and beautiful strands. Well, unfortunately this is a misconception. 100 strokes are too much. Brush it only to style it, because brushing pulls hairs out of their follicles and possibly weakens individual strands.

There are many hair loss treatments available in the market such as hair extensions, lace wigs, Micrografting, Microfusion and the latest Low Level Laser Light Therapy, but it is still important to take good care of your natural hair. Read previous posts to learn about taking good care of natural hair.

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