Academy Award Winning…Hair?

Academy Award Winning…Hair?

In the end, does the Academy Awards show matter really, beyond being just entertainment? Certainly winning an Oscar brings attention to an actor or actress for a short while, but a year passes and very few of us can recall who won what. Really, isn’t it all about “who” the stars are wearing as they glide across the red carpet and their stunning Academy Award winning hair?

The common salon stylist and the Guci salon technician both are peppered daily with client requests to look like this celeb or that; those requests increase after the high visibility of something like an Academy Awards broadcast. The truth is that a Jennifer Aniston or even a Lady Gaga has stylists right along with them working on them all the way up to their appearance on the red carpet (and rest assured, if a celeb is wearing hair, they have a whole team readying their extensions or sprucing-up hair replacement resembling our CTR units!) This year’s Oscars was slightly marred by rain, so assistants were scrambling with umbrellas to keep stars’ updos and long curls dry, but rest assured, there were touch-ups and last minute sprays being applied in limos on the way to the show.

The trend in hair styles this year?

The afore mentioned updo is not going anyplace soon as was evidenced by how Anna Kendrick, Sienna Miller and Best Actress winner Julianne Moore wore their hair . The popular style was revealed in both messy and tight variations.

Jennifer Hudson and most notably Faith Hill went very short at this year’s event. Jared Leto sported his usual good looking long locks, with Jennifer Aniston and Chloe Grace Moretz letting their locks flow just as much.

But did one style stand out this year at the Academy Awards?

Your guess is as good as ours if really any one hair cut or color was the winner at this year’s Oscars. And if so, if it is popular enough to ‘trend’ for 2015, or if, like remembering who one what award a year from now, we will even recall this year’s hair trends.

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