Jason Momoa Hair No More

Jason Momoa Hair No More

Sure, it’s easy for Jason Momoa. 

At the beginning of this week, the star of the upcoming Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom posted an Instagram video, where he endures getting his famous locks closely shorn. Momoa begins the video saying he’s “shaving off the hair,” holding his recently cut braids, then running his fingers over his shaved head, adds, “Oh, man — I’ve never even felt the wind right there.”

Momoa shaved his head to make a public plea for us all to stop using plastic bottles. Aquaman is decidedly interested in preserving the planet’s oceans and all the rest of the Earth and feels the elimination of what he calls “single-use plastics” will make the difference. This video and his haircut is not the first time he has made this particular opinion of his known.

Of course, Momoa did happen to slip in a mention about his Mananula Water, an aluminum bottled water company he began in 2019.

The good or bad of the cause can be debated and probably will be, just about until some other celebrity comes along this week and posts another video about something else. But the fact remains, when you have the hair, you can choose to lose it, for any reason, knowing it will grow back. Balding men do not have this choice. And while certainly, plenty of guys choose to shave their heads when they come to accept that they are thinning, plenty more do not, instead looking for an alternative.

And Guci Image provides that alternative.

Shaving one’s head, wearing a specific item of clothing, or even marching for a cause might indeed serve as powerful symbolic gestures for a cause, but they are of the moment. All too soon, we will see Jason Momoa sporting the luscious locks he is known for; men who wear a Guci Image CTR unit or come to us for hair transplants are committing to the look and style they have chosen for the moment and beyond.

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