A Regularly Scheduled Service

A Regularly Scheduled Service

When it comes to servicing your CTR unit, coming in yet again for more White Diamond Ultra Sonic Hair Repair, wanting to even slightly alter your extensions, or coming by for some more Low Laser Light Scalp Treatments a sooner more then later approach is what Guci Image recommends. A Regularly Scheduled Service is very important when wearing hair.

For many of our clients we play a ‘same time next month’ recurring role; between us we can pretty much predict the amount of time you should take between normal services. But often time holidays or your technician’s vacation schedule could slide a mini speed bump across your regular monthly travels. Even the time of year can affect when you should come in, our muggy New Jersey summers see us all sweat a hell of a lot more in June, July or August. Be prudent to how this all affects the hair you wear and how it might have to be serviced more regularly. It’s always good to heed the suggestion of our office to maybe adjust for specific times and months of the year. 

And then there a bunch of our clients, men and women both, who play fast and loose with the 3-4 week service rule. It suits many of our clients not having their next appointment set when they leave our offices, instead calling the office to schedule for their next visit in; usually a week prior to the date you want to come in will see you get the day you want.

But still, don’t wait too long. For instance, in the case of our CTR units, made for ‘visuality’ there is a specific ‘shelf life’ for how long any one unit lasts to its maximum efficiency. You will know this of course depending on exactly what package you have with us, so stick to the suggested protocols of service and replacement as these guidelines have been determined with our client’s best hair wearing in mind.

For any questions, changes or just if you need to make an appointment now…or even come in for a free consultation, please call Guci Image at: 201-734-0051 or fill out this consultation form.

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