Turkey Hats: Fashion Question NOT Statement

Turkey Hats: Fashion Question NOT Statement

Writing a blog for a northern New Jersey hair replacement salon, we cover lots of ground; seeking the truth about new treatments and hair restoration techniques; delving deep into rumors, the latest trends, and research of what is legitimate or applicable in what circumstance. We certainly give forth on what Guci Image is developing or using presently for New Jersey women and men dealing with hair loss (like our latest DHSA application). We even follow celebrities here as they update culture across Instagram and Twitter over their cuts, colors, and styles. And we also report, sometimes, od the truly silly when it comes to what we encounter in hair culture or the accessories we take to wearing on our heads. Given our most recent holiday, one is reminded, yet again, of the turkey hat tradition.

Like wearing ‘ugly’ sweaters for Christmas, it seems this turkey hat phenomenon grew all its own to something that lots of people take to these days. The origins of turkey hat wearing are sketchy at best, but it seems that these days people are not only wearing turkey shaped and colored hats on their heads, but they get to quite a wide variety of creations…to show off as a hat. Pumpkin pie hats, all manner of wild gift-box- shaped creations and of course more food representation than just turkeys have been seen piled on plenty of noggins.
The tradition presently seems more to people making hats for one another. There are even websites that exist to teach you how to make them (see here).

No matter what you or your family get up to for the holdiday. Regardless of what traditio you begn, end or have kept to for years. And even if some of the things you ge tinto beg the question of ‘fashion question’ more than ‘satatement.’ All one can hope for is a happy and healthy holiday season with those we love the most.

And getting into Guci Image sooner more than later to look your best for all the social activities and hat wearing that might be in your future.


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