Guci Image Presents EPM Technology

Guci Image Presents EPM Technology

No, all topical hair loss solutions are not the same.

Guci Image has been in the business of restoring hair for men and women for decades. We employ scientists in hair restoration technologies and techniques to explore all the options available, consistently updating to keep up with the best, safest, and whatever might be coming in the future. Seeing how quickly technology changes in the modern world, it’s challenging to research the tsunami of hair replacement options. But this is part and parcel of our N.J. hair replacement salon commitment to our clients.

And into this mix comes the many good, bad, and everything in between of topical hair loss solutions.

All hair loss sufferers have to do is turn on their T.V., flip through a magazine, even manage a few mouse clicks through their daily online news feed to be inundated with topical hair loss solution adds. Sprays, gels, and liquid applications of every type imaginable are out there to use (and to spend your good money on). But what one can you trust to help restore your hair, stop your balding, give you back your confidence?

You can believe that Guci Image managed the due diligence, and deep research in this field. We now offer a one-of-a-kind topical solution for hair loss, our innovative EPM Technology. Created by TOSKANI, the leader in European Pharmaceutical Hair Loss Technology, this safe, proven, and effective HAIR COCKTAIL PLUS and HCPR formula uses Electro-poration Energy and Transdermal delivery to help restore hair. It’s a personalized, needle-free treatment that works on all types of hair loss for men and women both.

As always, Guci Image is at the forefront of what is best for the women or men who come to our Paramus, N.J. hair restoration salon. EPM Technology proves that not all hair restoration solutions are the same…not by a long shot!

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