As ‘In The Game’ As Derek Jeter

As ‘In The Game’ As Derek Jeter

During Tuesday night’s All-Star Game it was apparent that some baseball stars don’t seem to age…and pretty much neither does their hairstyles. Sure, there was some controversy when Cardinals’ pitcher Adam Wainwright quipped that he threw Derek Jeter’s first-inning pitches so Jeter “could handle” them, still Jeter’s 14th and final All-Star Game appearance in Minneapolis once again revealed the man’s two decade value to the Yankees…and “Captain Clutch’s” obvious ownership of the Picture of Dorian Grey. Sure, Derek Jeter is an athlete of high order, he’s supposed to look trim and ageless, but sporting that closed cropped cut he has now since…well, forever, it is apparent that for any of us, if a cut/style/color works, stay with it! 

At Guci Image we understand the need for a ‘natural’ aging to your extensions or a graying/thinning to a CTR unit. Let’s face it, a full head of hair that never grays over decades is a red flag you might be wearing hair. Never altering a look even the slightest might bring you unwanted attention. But we are all for sporting the same style if that style works for you. What we work hard to achieve for our northern New Jersey clientele is a select integration of color/cut/the right amount of follicle coverage that will at once seem concurrent with your normal aging process and still work with whatever cut you feel works best for you.

Even if that cut is one you have sported, like good old Derrick Jeter, for years.

As a five time World Series champion, celebrity player, Jeter need be pretty concerned about his image, even if it he doesn’t seem to be. We know you are just as concerned about your image/look in your own way. And in sporting that ‘do’ that works for you we want you to be as strong and confident in your daily play in your way as Derek Jeter is in his,

Jeter might be retiring this year, but you’re surely going on with your life, work and social world and need a hair replacement system that will serve you well.

Contact Guci Image today if you have yet to  get-up-to-bat on the winnin All Star Team that is Guci Image


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