Lace Wigs For Men?

Lace Wigs For Men?

From gorilla glue to a wide variety of new cuts and styles to constant ruminations on how to grow one’s hair and fashion comments, a daily spin around the net will bring us across to a plethora of hair news. Some insightful, others silly, some downright dangerous; it is all out there for the picking.

In a video posted this week on Instagram, a young man is sitting in a salon getting a braided lace front wig installed, with glue being applied to the top of his head. As the post on Instagram attests, many men are taking to wigs. Whether this is just a recent trend or something that might indeed take off, here in our Paramus salon, we don’t really fit male hair replacement customers with lace wigs.

But who’s to say what is coming?

So far, in the many decades we have been working in this hair restoration/hair replacement field, the way we attend to men’s and women’s hair has not so much mixed and mingled. We always have and continue to see women coming to Guci Image for extensions or lace wigs and men for CTR units. Surely, we attend to each gender with the usual Guci Image excellence, attention, and assessments, but the choices we make for the products we carry, and the hair replacement we offer have so far seen an actual demarcation between what we fit men for and what we fit for women.

The way we work has come simply from our supply and demand, and what we know we do best.

But one can’t damn anyone who wants to feel better about their looks, no matter how they go about doing so. How to battle hair loss, thinning or even styling is an individual choice, and if a guy wants to wear a lace wig of cornrows, all the more power to him, we say.

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