Hair Solutions Coming; Get Yours Now?

Hair Solutions Coming; Get Yours Now?

In this just-released massive rundown of hair restoration companies, the website Follicle Thought certainly makes the case that there are many companies out there (37 by their last count) presently working on hair restoration. 

What is some of what these companies have gotten up to recently?

  • The combining of drugs never used together before to promote hair growth.
  • Wholly new compounds, chemicals, and techniques explored and sampled.  
  • Employing 3D/4D technology to search for hair restoration solutions.
  • The perfecting of hair cloning therapy.
  • Chemical compounds like minoxidil, finasteride, and latanoprost, already well known in the battle for hair regrowth and restoration, are being infused with other compounds and refigured into new applications researchers have not yet tried but are hopeful over.

Will any of the above, or more happening that this article doesn’t list, make significant strides into hair thinning, hair loss, and eventually further scientific strides into hair restoration or regrowth? As the report indicates, plenty of trials are set, lots more research needs to be done, and future studies need to be enacted. But as any hair restoration/hair replacement salon would, Guci Image is ever hopeful for and interested in these advancements.

For now though, we urge our clients and those men and women who have yet to begin a hair restoration program to take the first step in changing their lives. Waiting for technology to catch up in the exact way we need it doesn’t serve our needs for the here and now. And while yes, we have always championed our clients to seek out every single hair solution they think might work for them, (we damn well want you to do the research before you come in and see us as well as research us!) we know what Guci Image provides, from lasers to recommending topical solutions to fitting you for a hair unit or wig, and so many other solutions, is the very best way you can presently combat your thinning hair.

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