Ozempic and Hair Loss?

Ozempic and Hair Loss?

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If we have learned anything over the decades working in hair replacement/restoration, one must be very careful with topicals, procedures, and even the supplements one can apply, undergo, or ingest to promote hair growth. Luckily, when something new comes on the market, it is instantly reviewed, and tweets and TikTok videos are posted. Very soon, we all learn how good or bad the latest, supposed greatest, newest innovation might be.

Then there are reports like this one on how one negative possible side effect of taking weight loss drugs like Ozempic might just be…hair loss.

To be sure, this is just one side effect that the FDA is looking into, as weight loss drugs like Ozempic, Wegovy, and Zepbound have gained massive popularity over the past year. Over 400 reports in the FDA indicate that some of the chemicals found in some of the weight loss drugs have been linked to hair loss and thinning.

Those other side effects that the FDA is looking into as well? One is reported to be the drug users’ increased thoughts of suicide when taking some of these drugs.

Understandably, the jury would still be ‘out’ on the complete effects of something as new as these drugs are. It also stands to reason that if we are presented with something that could see us shed weight quickly and doesn’t require diet or exercise, even scientifically suspect as that might be, we’d be prone to try it (and let’s remember, Ozempic was created to battle diabetes). And the same is true for those who want to get their hair back…now! We all want the quick fix, the ‘take-a-pill-and-I-am-all-better-in-an-instant cure. But there is no action without reaction. We can’t usually just take a drug, even if we need it, without there being a side effect. And seemingly unbelievable effective solutions are generally all too unbelievable in reality.

Please be careful out there in 2024. Guci Image wants you safe, healthy…and surely, with the hair you want.

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