Are ‘Hair Horns’ For You?

Are ‘Hair Horns’ For You?

Sometimes it pays to be a little bit older.

A hairstyle craze sweeping the E-girl community (e-girls and e-boys are generally younger TikTok posters who take to dying streaks into their hair and enjoy a more ‘goth’ aesthetic in their dress) is ‘hair horns.’ As the name implies, tiny bunches of hair are fashioned to stand out on either side of the wearer’s head. One can as much do some snipping, use hairspray, blow-dry, or work mousse to their hair (or employ all of these techniques) to get the very best horns.

As we have all seen and lived through, some styles are sublime and last so long they become iconic. Others last the season they were born in. Many are cyclic and do indeed return after a time. Still, others, especially those born in social media, are here one day and gone by the next posting.

And of course, one’s age has lots to do with how influenced one might be from that or this style.

Generally speaking, the men and women who come to Guci Image for hair restoration solutions and hair replacement options are of a more ‘mature’ age than an e-girl typically is. Indeed, lots of people begin to lose their hair early in life, but for the most part, people start their relationship with us, at the earliest, sometime in their 20’s. And as we always advise, men and women losing their hair should decide as early as possible to come to our NJ hair salon to restore their confidence and start the positive lifestyle change that will see them with longer, richer locks.

As such, Guci Image is not so much involved with social media crazes or styles born from a TikTok video. And we build lasting relationships with clients that take us all well beyond our mature years.

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