12 Best Wedding Hairstyles

12 Best Wedding Hairstyles

The bells are officially ringing for the wedding season! If you’re planning for your wedding or it’s your sister who’s walking down the aisle, then we’ve got the perfect wedding hair inspiration. These looks are not only stylish, but also bound to make you shine on the special day. So when it comes to adding a little extra somethin’ somethin’ to your appearance, try any one of these hairstyles, and you are sure to grab all the attention.

Whether you’re getting married, being a bridesmaid or simply a guest of honor at a wedding, we’ve got the perfect wedding hairstyles for you – from classic up-dos to stylish down-dos. These hairstyles are simple and can add style to anything you wear. The best thing about these hairstyles is they make you look without causing much damage to your tresses.

Simple Yet Stunning Wedding Hairstyles

Hairstyle #1 – Fishtail Braid

rainbow-fishtail-braidAlso known as the herringbone or fish bone braid, Fishtail braid is perfect for bridesmaid. If you guys have decided to wear a lacy gown to walk down the aisle with the bride, then this hairstyle is just perfect, especially if you have long hair. It turns out beautiful and is also great for a bright sunny day.

You can also have this hairstyle teamed up with your jeans and funky t-shirt to get a chic look. These braids hardly put any strain on the hair or scalp and thus does not cause any hair breakage or hair loss.


Hairstyle #2 – Donut Bun Hairstyle

Donut Bun HairstyleAre you planning to don a sleeveless gown for your friend’s wedding, then this hairstyle is excellent to reveal that gorgeous nape line giving you a sexy look. Create a perfectly shaped hair bun using a sock for this trendy and polished look. In a few easy steps you can style a beautiful “donut bun.”

Donut bun is simple to create updos for a stunning style. It is also referred as an air hostess bun as it’s seen mostly on air hostesses. But this bun, when paired with any dress adds a certain style to your look.

When it comes to highlighting your charisma, beauty and sensuality most effortlessly, there could be no better option than having a donut bun paired with a stunning gown.


Hairstyle #3 – French Twist

French TwistWhen you’re in need of an elegant hairstyle, the classic French twist is the ideal option. This gorgeous look is a common sight at proms and weddings all because of the celebrity look it gives. French twist is one of the oldest and simplest hairstyle that does not cause hair loss in women and at the same time make you stand out in the crowd.

To get that stylish appeal in your look, all you need to do is tie a French twist with an impressive headpiece and get set to stun others. When it comes to dressing up, we make sure to embellish ourselves from tip-to-toe. While others will do their best, you can steal the show simply by having this stunning hairstyle on your head. If you are a bride, he won’t be able to take his eyes off you.


Hairstyle #4 – Bohemian Side Braid

Bohemian Side BraidDuring the summer, as the weather heats up, the thought of wearing our hair down becomes less and less appealing. A quick knot at the top or side is always a chic option, but with festival season in full swing we’ve got bohemian braids on the brain! The great thing about braiding is that it is extremely easy, attractive and doest not affect your tresses in any manner. As you know, some hairstyles wreck havoc on the hair, the Bohemian Side Braid does not do so.

This knotted side braid is quick and easy — a fun alternative to the traditional three-strand braid! Stylish all on its own, this stunning hairdo is just perfect for all occasions. Tie it once and you will fall in love with this.


Hairstyle #5 – French Braid Bun

French Braid BunSome days you just put your hair up in a bun or a sock bun and it just looks… blah. Though, a bun is okay for a casual day at work or college, you need to add some extra glamor when you are preparing to walk down the aisle with your friend on her wedding day. Well, a French braid bun adds volume plus texture to a bun in order to make it a little more interesting. This is basically 2 rope braids created in bun which still looks very simple plus chic, but far from boring.

When it comes to giving a makeover to your not so impressive looks? Then the best thing you can do is tie a Donut Bun elegantly and see the dramatic change. The best thing about this hairstyle is it is much simpler than it appears. While people will think you have spent hours in getting that bun, you can just have it in few minutes.


Hairstyle #6 – Beachy Waves

Beachy WavesOne can not deny the fact that effortless, laid-back waves will never go out of style. Beach waves are one of the rare trends that surpasses trendiness and becomes a beauty stalwart as a go-to look for stars and civilians alike. This probably has more than a little to do with the fact that they’re super-easy to create and achievable for almost every hair type. Most women prefer having such styles during beach weddings or wedding on chilly days.

One of the best part about this hairstyle is that it does not put any strain on the scalp or hair leading to damage. People with healthy, long hair can have a Beachy wave style for weddings and enjoy the attention.


Hairstyle #7 – French Side Braid

French Side BraidFrench Side Braid is a cute style of braiding that goes over the shoulder. It looks especially nice with side-swept bangs or as a romantic, somewhat messy look.

French Side Braid is known to be a combination of the French Braid Headband and Side Swiped French Braid; two French braids that meet at the back to create one seamless hairstyle.

The first braid trails from the right side of the head, across the back of the head and ends in a side braid. While the other braid, traipsing across the forehead, wraps the opposite way meeting the first braid in the middle.

Once you get the hang of French braiding, this rall appearance.


Hairstyle #8 – Hair Bow

Hair BowBows have been around for over decades. Putting bows in hairstyles are cute and they look adorable. Girls just love them. So if you like to make romantic hairstyle for special occasions, you should definitely try to make hairstyle with bow. It will make your hair stylish, romantic and adorable at the same time.

However, why to use a ribbon when you could turn your hair into an actual bow instead? Yes, this trend is becoming popular across globe, turning everyday hair into a work of art. You can make a bow out of your own hair; all you need is a hair tie, some bobby pins, and some hairspray or hair gel. There won’t be any stretching or straining of hair that leads to itchy scalp or hair loss.

Bows are inherently girlish and sweet and, when worn well, give off a young, fresh and even flirty vibe. And despite what many think, bows are appropriate for all ages and aesthetics, so don’t restrict them to be worn by schoolgirls and Lady Gaga. Surprise your friends by having a bow on top of your head paired with a jaw-dropping outfit.


Hairstyle #9 – Heart braid

Heart braidSince it’s wedding season, many people are looking for stylish hairdos for themselves as well as their kids. Well, we all wish to look stunning and a Heart braid on the back of your head is simply romantic! It’s a very “sweet” look and will keep the flower girl’s hair out of her face all day. This braid may be a little “young” for some, but  it will probably come in handy at some point! To be totally honest, you can’t tell it’s a heart until you’re standing above it. It just looks like two braids running down the back of your head.


Hairstyle #10 – Inside out pony

Inside out ponyHave you tried wearing a sweatshirt or t-shirt inside out? Well, it surprisingly provides an unexpected twist to your style, so does inverting your ponytail. This flipped-upside-down hairdo is a classic, and it’s a great way to jazz up a sleek, low-slung ponytail during the holiday season or a wedding. Like other hairstyles, no need to pull the strands or keep on brushing that may cause hair loss. Simply gather the hair and toss it upside down.

Whether you are preparing for a friend’s birthday or your simply wish to adorn a chic look for a prom night, this look is just perfect. Team this up with a knee-length skirt or a gown, this hairdo is great when it comes to stealing the show.


Hairstyle #11 – Half French Braid

Half French BraidThe half French braid hairstyle is so lovely and simple that most people love having it. This hairstyle also gives a beautiful look no matter whether you wear casuals or party wears.

The elegant half braid on the back with a few loose sections softening the face looks pretty, cute and romantic. These looks are best for when you are short on time or want a quick style that still looks amazing. This style looks stylish but takes few minutes with practice.


Hairstyle #12 – Headband Hairstyle

Headband HairstyleWhether you are looking for some variation or just having a bad day with your hair, the headband is the best solution for fabulous and unique look. It’s also a good idea when you’re in the process of growing your bangs. Keep the hair from falling into your eyes with a headband. There are many ways to wear headbands. In addition, you will find some designer headbands in stores to boost your appearance.

A headband may be known as a hair cop-out or a for-kids-only style, but it can actually be a beautiful thing – a sparky one can dress up any outfit and easily hides greasy or dry hair that may cause hair loss. There are many ways to get a fresh new look with a stylish headband. Embrace the headband look and leave a lasting impression most effortlessly.


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