The influence Of Science Trickles Ever Downward For Hair Replacement, As It Does For Us All

The influence Of Science Trickles Ever Downward For Hair Replacement, As It Does For Us All

Just published in a study supported by the Yale Dermatology Spore, National Institutes of Health, American Cancer Society, and New York Stem Cell Foundation scientists have discovered heretofore unknown details in mouse hair follicles. The powerful stem cell regeneration, long thought to hold the key to arresting diseases like cancer and prompt new cell growth, can now be studied even further.

Certainly Guci Image daily dealings are small scale concerns in the face of huge scientific study, but time The Guci Image hair replacement business model has always relied on the intersecting of science with our expertise in style. Without the consistent developments of trial-and-error laboratory breakthroughs we could never have perfected and presented the patented White Diamond Laser Hair Treatment, would never have come upon the ultra thin material we use in our CTR units, would never have seen the Cold Fusion method of hair extension attachment push us ahead as a leader in our field.

Aesthetic beauty concerns and the solitary studied endeavor of laboratory research might make strange bedfellows, but the pairing make Guci Image what it is.

What’s ahead for hair replacement technology, no one-scientist nor hair stylist-can predict. Guci will always be working diligently from our Paramus, N.J. offices to perfect new techniques and introduce the very best that present science offers. What we have discovered in our years in business is that scientific discoveries, very much like this new Yale study, often occur in one particular field, but have ever furthering reaching implications down the line for what we do. We have both benefitted from the direct study of hair restoration and replacement, as we have seen developments come from wholly different corners that do indeed change-for the better-how we do what we do for our clients.

The influence of scientific breakthroughs trickle ever downward and we all benefit.

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