Harley Quinn shows her true colors

Harley Quinn shows her true colors

Guci Image customers need look no further for the wildest cotton-candy colored-hair concoction than the signature style of Margot Robbies Harley Quinn in the trailer for Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) that dropped this week. Surely, everyone will be talking a blue streak over Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker, premiering this weekend and with New York’s Comic Con also happening at the same time, it’s hard for anyone in the northern N.J. area to ignore all the fantasy props, cosplay and wild hairstyles that are sure to be seen.But with Halloween approaching, those rainbow colors suddenly ‘in,’ and yes, all these super cool superhero and villain movies upon us, it is easy to get lost in the idea of dress-up.

Reality sets in for anybody wearing hair that a quick color wash or even a drastic cut might just take you to places fun for some dressing up, but not so practical when it comes to every day. There is a fine line between keeping a Guci Image hair system or extension that serves you well and changing up your look to update your style. A little extra curl to a CTR unit, some color played into an extension is fine, but one must always err on the side of long-term consideration in what one does when one wears hair not their own.

We are not superheroes. We are not celebrities. We are not politicians. (Ok, the Guci Image salon has serviced some of these types of folks, but we are not at liberty to say who they are). But generally, the guys and gals who come to our Paramus salon are folks who need their hair to fit, function and flow in their lives and be undetectable the whole time.

In this way, Guci Image kicks **s, bigger and better than even Harley Quinn!

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