Ricki Lake’s Choice

Ricki Lake’s Choice

Ricki Lake

Ricki Lake revealed a secret on New Year’s Day that has seen her “suffering mostly in silence off and on for almost 30 years.” Taking to Instagram, the talk show host/actor revealed her hair loss in a striking picture. Ricki claims she has been losing her hair ever since starring in Hairspray in 1988, when during filming that movie her hair was so tease and processed, she suffered permanent damage to it. More an extension wearer than a wig wearer, the 51-year old lady declared that she does not want to wear hair any longer and made the first day of the new year of the new decade her ‘coming out’ showing off her closely shaved head and telling her story of hair loss.

Being most comfortable with who you are is all Guci Image ever wants for our clients. But unlike Ricki Lake, we service plenty of men and women through our northern N.J. hair care salon monthly who indeed do want to wear hair. Sporting extensions and hair units, wigs, any of the most modern hair replacement options, Guci Image clients want what they have lost and to sport a full head of hair.

And like Ricki Lake feels, this is a lifestyle option that makes a Guci Image client most comfortable.

As you have seen, there are plenty of men and women walking through their day sporting bald heads, thinning hair, using various headscarves and hats as accessories. We applaud them all. We also applaud (and will continue to service) those men and women who do not want to show off shaved heads, thinning hair or balding. In a time when the word ’empowered’ seems to be used every second of the day, for any forward action taken by someone, we see the desire to wear hair as certainly an act of empowerment.

To wear or not, it’s a choice you can make as much as Ricki Lake makes hers.

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