Does Lisa Rinna’s Hair Change Inspire You?

Does Lisa Rinna’s Hair Change Inspire You?

It’s certainly a shot-hear-round-the-world (or at least the net) when a reality star makes some change in their wardrobe or style. Lisa Rinna, of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, came to a Rachel Zoe Spring/Summer 2019 presentation in L.A. this week sporting a new hair style. The lady’s usual spikey shag was slicked-back, and she wore it complete with ponytail and blonde-highlighted extensions. It was all a drastically different look than the one Rinna has worn for nearly two decades.

Makes one wonder or…?

Certainly the changes and dramas women on RHOBH experience are far beyond any real life concerns wemight have. The ladies who come to Guci Image for female hair restoration or hair health are looking to regain and maintain their confidence as much as a style they are comfortable with. Changing that style, when one wears hair, is a monumental consideration our clients discuss long and hard with our stylists; both finding a happy medium for the very best look.

As we have postulated previously, the problem is that the stain, influence, ‘pop’ of pop culture invades our lives through so many possible means. It’s impossible not to be influenced or at least see what is going on daily with our celebrity royalty. When a Lisa Rinna does indeed change her hair style, it not only makes the news but makes an impact, even if we ignore her movements for the most part. We who wear hair though cannot make changes because of a capricious whim or to make an impression for a party we are attending where we want to be noticed. Care and consideration needs go into the hair you wear, whether styling into a new cut or looking to change color or add highlights.

And care and consideration is what Guci Image gives to our customers time and again, in the many ways doing the job we do for you.

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