Hair Slugging Anyone?

Hair Slugging Anyone?

Have you heard the term “hair slugging?” It’s trending pretty much all over social media, especially TikTok. It refers to people adding (some critics say “piling on”) additional treatments to their hair before shampooing it. The theory is that slathering in oil, leave-in conditioners, or other treatments, sometimes overnight, will lock in positive coating to the hair and moisturize it for best results. But many stylists claim this overuse of products, especially for extended periods and too frequently, causes unnecessary build-up on the scalp.

Slugging is not really new. It goes far back in women’s skincare routines where most of our grandmothers applied some sort of extra overnight moisture to their skin (grandma just never called it slugging). Fast forward to the 2000s, this moisturizing was revamped and renamed as a “K-Beauty” trend, originating in South Korea. In this modern application, using (Vaseline mostly), had women slathering/slugging to trap moisture to their dry skin.

As with most things in the modern world, this trend went viral.

Lately, people have taken what seems to be the next step in slugging with lathering their hair with moisture-inducing products. And again, as most things do now, TikTok caught and ran with the trend.

Can slugging benefit Guci Image customers? Men and women who wear hair units, wigs, and extensions? Is it even healthy for people who still have their hair?

As always, anything that affects naturally growing hair will affect our hair extensions and hair replacement pieces. Building up excess oils and solutions on hair and scalp is never a good idea. Overuse of product, procedures, dyeing hair consistently; none of this is beneficial to good hair health, whether that hair is yours or not.

Slugging, then, isn’t something a Guci Image client needs to do.

Our Paramus NJ hair replacement clients need to take care of what they come to us for by normal regular washing and conditioning of their hair and letting our technicians color and cut their units, extensions, and wigs during regular service.

We are a no slugging zone. 

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