Jamie Oliver’s Hair Is Cooking

Jamie Oliver’s Hair Is Cooking

 Just when you think everyone has had their day…with hair, when we just about full to the brim with celebs Instagramming their latest cuts and colors, or we read another blogger picking on some color trend or some other flip-it-on-it’s head (literally) style, now we see that a T.V. chef can make waves with his haircut. Called the latest ‘tonsorial pioneer’ Jamie Oliver is now wearing an undercut unisex bob-Scarlett Johansson and Miley Cyrus sported such a cut-and this ex “Naked Chef” is cooking-up quite the news because of it. Though Oliver is featured in his new cut in an Instagram campaign for healthy food, and has just recently challenged all of Canada to join his campaign (via his http://www.jamieoliverfoodfoundation.org.uk/ organization) one wonders if this UK top celeb chef and author will have his look eclipse his cooking fame…at least in the near future with so many blogs making so much of his new do.

That’s the thing with having so much visual facility presently at our fingertips (or iPads) or mobile devices; a ‘look’ oftentimes overtakes a message.

The message Guci Image’s northern New Jersey salon strives to impart, on both present clients or men and women with thinning hair who are on the verge of contacting us about their balding, is that we work hard to restore your confidence and youthful appearance, but your look (specifically for us, your hair) is only part of who you are.

Yes, we do indeed make an impression with the clothes we wear, the style of our haircut, our overall appearance. And lots can be done-good and bad-by taking advantage of what we present to people. But in the end, know that at Guci Image we take into account all of you, the full complement of our clients, who they are and what they feel works best for them in all that we do in hair replacement.

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