The Annual Guci Image Summer Hair Warning (4 In Total)

The Annual Guci Image Summer Hair Warning (4 In Total)

This year it’s anybody’s guess what the summer weather will bring us. In New Jersey, especially in the northern part of the state where Guci Image is located, we had no real snow to speak of, and the past few months have been very dry. We do know, though, that despite the precipitation we might get, we will be beset by some very hot days in July and August and undoubtedly the usual run of ‘muggy’ Garden State days. So as the summer comes upon us fully, once again, Guci Image releases our Annual Guci Image Summer Hair Warnings.

1.) Get in for regular services at our Paramus NJ salon. As much as your vacation schedule will leave you not ideally on your game, you also must realize that Guci Image staff will be taking off as well for their trips or staycations. It’s best to book your next few service visits as far in advance in the summer as you can to skirt around all of our days off.

2.) Avoid the sun. This is good advice overall, or at least protect yourself with sunscreen when out and about or lounging by the pool or on the beach. Yes, we all need our vitamin D but remember, the sun can be brutal on extensions or pieces, as it can be if you had your own hair. And prolonged sweating causes any hair you wear to lose its adhesive quicker.

3.) Be judicious as well with dips in the pool and frolicking in the ocean. The saltwater and chlorine can wreak havoc on your long locks, curls, and color.

4.) Don’t overdo the shampoo and conditioner…although you might feel you have to. Staying out in the sun longer, taking those dips in various types of water, and yes sweating more, you’ll notice more strain on your hair. But still, don’t overdo the shampoo or conditioner. Not everything supposedly good for your hair is always good for your hair to the nth degree.

As we always wish, we want all of our clients and staff to have a wonderful, safe, and happy summer. But heed our warnings, please.

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