Daylight Savings…Hair?

Daylight Savings…Hair?

Soon enough the warmer weather will be upon us, really…it’s coming. We promise! The north east was hit hard this winter with snow dumping almost every day, icy rain mixtures and frigid temps, it has been hard to even imagine warmer weather on the way. But with the ‘spring ahead’ of our clocks, the temperatures inching upward, Paris Fashion week pictures reaching us, it all seems slightly that more comfortable climates are finally coming.

But with daylight savings time changes comes daylight hair worries.

Here in northern New Jersey where the Guci Image salon is based, we ache for what Spring and Summer might bring us. But in our anxiousness to shed some layers and not have to chip ice off windshields we all too easily forget the havoc warmer climes can wreak on one’s hair. And for those of us sporting a CTR unit or having our extensions looked after on a regular basis, we have concerns about sweating, over-washing, just keeping the hair we wear looking its best during the upcoming summer months.

Here at Guci Image we work hard to provide services and products that are easily cared for, are indeed ‘naturally’ suited to whatever our clients need do in the warmer weather to keep their hair in tip top shape. The one salient point that reads through the entire hair replacement/hair restoration experience is the ease with which we want our clients to deal with what we provide for them, no matter the circumstances of weather, natural aging, anything really that any other person-not wearing hair-comes to deal with.

Enjoy rolling down the window in your car as much swishing those long locks across your back when you emerge from a pool. Guci Image is with you every step of the way as it grows warmer.



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