Hair For The Record Books

Hair For The Record Books

It’s always interesting for a hair-wearer to see how many people go out of their way to be recognized by a style, color, or even a wild haircut. Surely, the Guci Image client wants their hair to look the best it can, and we work hard at our Paramus salon just for that purpose. But usually, a hear-wearer wants to pass by, looking good while not bringung too much attention to themselves with the styles cut or color they wear. Our work is unique in that the better we do it, the less anyone will ever detect the work that we do.

But a this story that hit today, it seems a California woman was looking to get noticed for her hair growth…and in her own unique way. According to this piece, California woman sets Guinness World Record for ‘longest arm hair’: ‘Amazing and hilarious’ (, Macie Davis-Southerland has made the Guinness World Record for “longest arm hair (female).” 

She made the record when a strand of her arm hair was measured over seven inches. 

Indeed, getting oneself into Guinness sets one some notoriety. There are athletic feats recorded in the book as human ‘oddities,’ as well as a host of others. And while we are not exactly sure where Macie Davis-Southerland’s accomplishment falls in the book (beyond long hair growth), we do know that starting and continuing your hair-wear journey with us falls into the category of restoring confidence, making one feel youthful, a client coming to love their look all over again. Simply put, the Guci Image client comes to a startling transformation, as much in how they look as how they begin to see the world anew.

This accomplishment is worth all the world records in the world.

Congratulations, Mrs. Davis-Southerland… and congratulations to all our clients for your continuing faith in Guci Image and yourself

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