The Real World

The Real World

As we have blogged about time and again, no, celebrities are not like you and me. Especially when they get ready for a big see-and-be-scene. In this recent Huffington Post article, the reader is given a behind-the-scenes look at what is involved in getting our best and brightest ready for a public award event, in this case, The Grammy’s. Not mere hours, more likes days are needed in some cases to get men and women looking their best for paparazzi and to strut across red carpets and on stage.

The mind boggles when we start to consider what preparation and backstage mayhem goes into outfitting and coiffing these stars for actual performances!

Think about all this the next time you bemoan how your hair never looks as good as Kim Kardashian’s or Brad Pitt’s, or why can’t your wardrobe just simply drape across you the way it does across a supermodel. Your once-a-month Guci Image service is little price to pay for looking as good as you look, compared to what these celebrities go through! Sure, it’s their job, and they are used to it, but taking days to get ready for an event? That would be tiresome to anybody after a while. It’s no wonder celebrities looked so happy sitting in their sweats when staying home and Zooming into award shows as Covid was raging.

Somewhere in-between a Hollywood stylist administering to their high-profile client star and men rocking a bald head or a lady with naturally full flowing locks letting her just-washed hair flip and dry in a summer breeze stands the hair replacement customer. Yes, wearing a CTR unit or extensions, one does need some attention, a technician’s skilled eye, and hand. But the pampering our celebrities receive would wear thin on the guy and girl who comes to our Paramus salon on a regular basis. 

It really would.

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