Hair Care, For Hair Wearers: Summer 2021

Hair Care, For Hair Wearers: Summer 2021

This time last year, we were in the middle of a complete COVID-19 shutdown. These days around our Northern N.J. location, social distancing protocols seem to be easing up ever-so-slightly. And as we’d all agree, it’s good to get back to some tentative manner of socializing. But as Guci Image cautions every year, regardless of how much you might get out and about the summer of 2021, there are some specific hot weather cautions hair wearers need to be aware of.

Both of these (here and here) hair care sites list recommendations for what to do to protect your hair in the summer. From wearing hats and scarves to managing your hair into looser, more comfortable styles to being careful of how much chlorine, saltwater, and indeed sun you subject your scalp to. Even to how much hair washing you add into your routine—all great tips, to be sure. But the man and woman who wears extensions, a CTR unit, or undergoes regular Laser Light Treatments (to name just a handful of what we offer clients at our New Jersey hair restoration salon) need be more ever more careful and cautious when the summer weather comes upon them.

Beyond the above tips, the one point we recommend above all others every year we manage a blog like this (see last year’s here) is for the hair wearer to stay ever vigilant in booking their regular appointments. The summertime is when we find our schedules growing lax; kids are home from school, and vacation possibilities pop up. But this is the time of year one needs to be ever more strict booking their regular Guci Image hair care appointments.

The unusual bombardment of the hot New Jersey summer sun does great damage to the hair one wears. Help us to help you battle the ravages of heat, sand, salt, chlorine and sweat and make summer 2021 your best yet.

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