Kendall Jenner’s Big Wig Maybe Not For You

Kendall Jenner’s Big Wig Maybe Not For You

Simply put, what we provide here at Guci Image is very much aimed at bolstering a healthy-looking, yet wholly undetectable hair restoration. Maximum visibility and good wear are what we are after with our CTR units, hair extensions, micro-grafting, low laser light services and our lace wigs. When we read/see someone like Kendall Jenner sporting a great big retro Afro wig-as she does in her recent modeling pics for Dazed magazine-it is only made clear once again the chasm between making a statement from the hair one wears and not wanting to be noticed from it.

In one of the “Dazed” pics, styled and shot by Ben Toms and Robbie Spencer, Kim Kardashian’s sister is actually wearing her big black Afro to cover her nudity. And while Kendall can and does step-out in her career (as does the rest of her infamous family) any which way she can for maximum effect and the attention she can garner, wigs to us are no frivolous matter. As our Lace Wigs are 100 percent human hair and designed for a virtual undetectable hair line, we work hard so no one will ever know our clients are indeed wearing a wig.

It’s a fine line we walk, but that is the job of any good hair restoration salon: to provide solutions to thinning and balding that will look and act like a clients’ real hair and are worn undetectable.

In quite a few modern-day instances the more startling the wig or extension the more attention the wearer garnishes…which is why some wearers don extensions or a wig. It is certainly an Instagram age where even the most D-list celebrity is looking for media coverage and sporting outrageous cuts, colors or add-ons does bring one attention.

Guci Image adheres to a wholly different, certainly more subtle criteria. We’ll leave the big wig statements to Kendall Jenner and her model ‘sisters.’

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