Oh, Those Hair Trends

Oh, Those Hair Trends

We can’t even begin to count how many of these blogs have concerned some sort of recent hair trend…and our caution to not get all that caught up in them. Whether you are a client of our New Jersey hair replacement/hair restoration salon, or even if you currently wear your natural hair, a trend is a trend is a trend is a trend…and trends change with the wind. Especially in current times with hourly postings across all social media portals, what is popular one moment is replaced by something else very quickly or has been seen before in a slightly different form and will come ’round again in no time.

Following culture changes can make one’s head spin!

There is the red color trend seen on celebs like Megan Fox, Crissy Teigen, and Emily Ratajkowski and making news presently on beauty TikTok (although ‘EmRata’ only kept her red for a month). Called “cowgirl copper,” this new trending color combines a few hues and seems to be big news as the summer ends. Will it last into the fall? Who knows?

Something called “glass hair” is also trending on both TikTok and Xiaohongshu (what is called “China’s answer to Instagram). This home hair styling trend has fans using hair oil and baby oil to create extra hydration and moisture to create salon-worthy slippery/shiny ‘glass hair.’ 

Then there are box braids, bangs, and the seeming popularity of ‘fros’ when it comes to styling and cuts.

Again, we have seen lots of this before, and it will be replaced very quickly by something new, wow, and exciting in a very short time. What is not so quickly replaced, might be slightly changed over time, needs to be colored accordingly, styled, and indeed considered the longer you are a client of Guci Image is the hair you wear.

Your relationship with us is surely not trending, and it never will be.

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